Self-Seduction by Mikki Taylor: March 2003

Your Ultimate Path To Inner and Outer Beauty

Undercover: Support Strategies for Special Concerns

Sally Pansing Kravich, CNHP, a natural health consultant and iridologist with a bicoastal practice in Los Angeles and New York, offers this example: “If a person has acne and say, they have a congested lymphatic system and a congested colon. I’d get them on a diet that wouldn’t have any fried foods and insoluble fats in it. And since their lymph is congested, they’d need to sweat and drink a lot of water, cut out any kind of sodas whatsoever, eat out wheat and any white-flour products and probably do a bowel cleaner. I would follow this up with a blood purifier and builder such as chlorophyll, as when you clean the blood you automatically clean the lymph. So there’s an internal cleansing as well as a cleanup of the blood,” concludes Kravich. As you can see, clearing up certain skin conditions can call for a multi-pronged approach. In truth, it’s usually better to address skin concerns from both within and without, as this is really the wise way to invest in yourself. Again, know the skin you’re in.

When I first met iridologist Sally Kravich, it didn’t take her long to ascertain that my body was operating “on emergency.” I had just returned from several weeks of back-to-back business trips, crossing time zones, eating as bests I could on the go, and operating on limited amounts of sleep and high amounts of stress. Her diagnosis included some temporary modifications to my vitamin supplements and my food intake in order to create an internal environment that would allow me to sleep during the night as well as improve the condition of my digestive tract. To further improve my internal picture, Kravich changed my juicing habits to increase my vegetable consumption and negotiated with me to cut out my combination of orange juice and coffee in the morning, which was causing me to be too acidic. When your body is overly acidic, it affects all of your digestive organs, plus your muscular and skeletal systems because it burns up your calcium to neutralize the acid. It also affects your skin’s elasticity, and drains your energy. If you think acidity might be a concern for you, your medical doctor can test your levels, but you have to request this specifically. Being acidic also affects your nails, and at the time mine had been peeling like rice paper!

When I saw singer and actress Vanessa Williams several years ago, she had already been seeing iridologist Sally Kravich for quite some time. Through her exams with Kravich, Williams learned that she needed to avoid processed foods and white flour. “White flour and water when combined make a paste in your intestines, and even if you’re eating the right kinds of foods, nothing can be absorbed with this buildup.” She says. In fact, Williams went on to say this is true of white sugar and white rice – “all the things that are processed are hard for your body to break down and digest.” Williams, who admits that she was much more diligent when she first started seeing Kravich and as a result was thinner and really active, says she learned the value of juicing to cleanse her body, her blood, and her organs, a practice she continues even when she doesn’t have the energy to do it at home. “When I’m close to a health food store I’ll run in and get it,” she laughs. Seeing an iridologist presents another way for you to master good health and well-being.

I’m trying to include more chlorophyll-rich greens in my choices, like kale, spinach, collards, and the like, a sound piece of advice given to me by iridologist Sally Kravich, due to my tendency to be anemic. Chlorophyll is the closest composition to blood and so in addition to getting it through juicing I also take it in supplement form.

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