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A Journey Through Worlds of Holistic Healing
Tuesday, March 01, 2011 Daniel Horowitz
Sally Kravich is a modern shaman: a world traveler, a holistic healer,
and one of the leading natural health practitioners in the country. It was
a fortuitous twist of fate that introduced her to the world of alternative
medicine. When she was a child, Kravich suffered from asthma and
allergies. Her mother decided to search for a cure by trekking the globe
to seek alternative medical solutions.

“In the 1950s, my mom introduced me to alternative modalities. In
1963, we moved to Switzerland in search of naturopathic remedies and
a respite from frequent moves. I eliminated wheat and dairy, took
homeopathic remedies and my allergies went away,” she recalled.
Sally’s journey, however, did not end in Switzerland. Other destinations
included South America, Australia, and parts of Canada, the U.S., as well
as studies from many cultures.

“As a teenager, I decided to help other people get over their
sensitivities. I wanted to help people raise healthy kids using food as
medicine,” she said. “I have studied and watched numerous cultures
ever since—what they eat and the plants they used as support. I have
even observed the aborigines.”

With over twenty-five years of experience in the field of holistic health,
Kravich is widely regarded as an authority on nutrition, vitality, and
wellness. Her advice has been cited in “Harper’s
Bazaar,” “W,” “Essence” and many other magazines and books. She was
featured on NBC’s “Dateline,” along with Aleta St. James, as a nutritional
expert in the area of pregnancy.

Her client base is diverse and oftentimes affluent, including high-profile
actors, fashion designers, directors, photographers, producers, athletes,
models, doctors, CEOs, body builders, and everyone in between.“I
inspire people to change their diet, by eating delicious foods for building
health, and teaching meditations for creating vibrant health,” Kravich
said. “My programs cover body and soul nutrition. Maintaining the acid/
alkaline balance is an important part of what I do.”

Recently, she published a book, “Vibrant Living: Creating Radiant
Health and Longevity.” “The book came out of clients’ questions,” she
explained. “They had so many follow-up questions after their sessions,
and since I couldn’t spend additional time outside the sessions, I created
a manual for them to take with them.”

The book was published along with a three-part DVD series, “Living a
Vibrant Life.” A cookbook containing fast, easy, healthful and delicious
meals is also in the works as well as a book for pregnancy and new
moms. In the future, she said, “I have more books to write, more people
to inspire. We must teach our children better.”

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Harper’s Bazaar, Marie Claire, Essence, Natural Health, Better Nutrition, Dateline, Donny&Marie, W.B. News, WOR Radio NYC, KPFK Radio LA, The Hair Bible, Take it to Heart, and Self-Seduction. You will also find her referenced in upcoming books in Fall 2011 as the nutritional expert on foods for children and a beauty book.